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Spain today and tomorrow

Spain is still one of the most important touristic attractions in Europe with a huge selection of benefits in different sectors. The country gains in popularity each year and it is expected that this will carry on in the future. Already in the beginning of 2016 all records concerning tourism in Spain were broken, by the amount of tourists as well as the average expense per tourist.

Further, in consequence of the ageing, more people from the Northern European countries will purchase a first or second property in Spain. Due to the crisis that conquered Spain for the past few years, the property prices have dropped tremendously which will increase the desire to buy property in Spain even more. 

As a result of the increasing number of foreign visitors and residents, people are in need of a place where one can find good and reliable professionals and information, which is the reason why the Home Fair was founded in 2016.

Home Fair Costa del Sol

The Home Fair Costa del Sol offers a wide range of exhibitors and covers all kind of aspects of living at the Costa del Sol and surroundings. Visitors can meet local and international professionals, which are attracted to the Home Fair because of their special offerings in this particular region.

Thereto, the most interesting and attractive about this fair are the informational seminars given by local specialists (in English), which visitors can attend to for free. The main topics will be discussed and any questions can personally be asked afterwards to the speakers. 

Altogether, this makes the Home Fair Costa del Sol a unique concept.

If you are interested to participate, please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..